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Our primary expertise is designing RF hardware:


  • Designing practical RF architectures and circuits for processing signals in communications and navigation equipment
  • Designing individual analog and RF signal processing blocks from LNA to IF to ADC, and from DAC to modulator to PA

·         Desiging high performance specialty RF functions such as low noise DDS and PLL frequency generators, PLL tracking filters, very high dynamic range receivers and digitally tuned RF filters

We’ve also successfully engineered solutions for:

  • Integrating radio modules or RF chips with non RF equipment
  • Analog signal processing of industrial sensors
  • Optimizing existing or upgrading obsolete designs
  • Providing design reviews and oversight
  • Solving EMC and regulatory compliance problems
  • Production test stack support hardware design

Our toolset includes:

  • An RF development lab to 6 GHz and beyond
  • Analog, RF and microwave simulation tools
  • PCB layout tools

We also have access to a local network of other professionals including PCB, digital, software, intrinsic safety and mechanical designers as well as local contract manufacturing houses who can support the needs of larger programs.



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